Tutorial Download from DL Games

Tutorial Download:

  1. Click the download link
  2. You can click “login”, or “Download File”
  3. You will direct to google login, and login in to your google account (We need this only to copy the games file to your google drive)
  4. Click allow (We need this only to copy the games file to your google drive, not to see your files!)
  5. Next! Click Download
  6. Wait a few second
  7. Click Download Button
  8. Don’t worry, We will not share viruses, trojans or worms to you. Our website has secure connection certificate. Click “Download anyway”


“Your Google Drive account was full, please delete some files before generate link download”

  1. Open drive.google.com, check your storage usage. If written 15 gb of 15 gb used,You must delete some of your data so Our web can generate games files to google your google drive.
  2. If your account get notice like this, just wait 24 hours or use another google account to download files. It happens because google limits the bandwidth of your account.

I hope this tutorial can help you
Thank you for visiting